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Sun Sail
Boat Tests
Finnmaster 59 SC
(5 votes, average 4.80 out of 5)

The 59 SC majors on style, but is there substance beneath the swagger of Finnmaster’s latest open boat? Boat Mart sent Alex Smith to find out.


There’s something gratifyingly simple about an open sports boat. In this boat there’s none of the bulk or weight of a cabin. There’s no hard top to catch the wind, clutter the deck, wallow in the turns or trap the engine noise. With boats like these there are no tubes to inhibit internal space, drag on the surface or elevate the price. And there is far less in the way of GRP structure to separate you from the water. These boats are just a hull with a deck, a console, a couple of seats and an engine on the back and, quite apart from enabling you to feel that bit more involved with the environment, there are at least three very desirable benefits to be gained from that . . .

Pro-Line 23 Express Cuddy
(4 votes, average 4.75 out of 5)

Thinking of buying a boat? Stuart Field heads for Portland to test a boat from a renowned American builder you might not have heard from before.


While Pro-Line may not be a name that springs immediately to mind when thinking of sports fishers, these boats have been built in America since 1968 when fishermen Dan Atwood and his father founded the boating company. Just a couple of years later, the fledgling boating business had moved to its current home and it has been gradually expanding ever since.

Nord Fisher 170
Stuart Field gets the exclusive UK test of the debut fisher from Sprint Boats.

Over the decades we’ve tested literally dozens of new boats from first time builders. Sadly, many of these boats together with their builders have disappeared into the mists of time, never to be heard from again. But if the Nord Fisher 170 is anything to go by, I’m pretty sure that one new builder, Sprint Boats, is likely to be with us for a very long time.
Sportique 18 Fisher
(12 votes, average 3.08 out of 5)
From a name more commonly associated with waterski tournament boats comes an all-purpose cabin fisher with plenty to offer. Simon Everett tests it out . . .

bm_1005_test_3825With the plethora of cuddy and cabin fishing boats on the market already, making the bold step to construct a new ‘designed for purpose’ addition to the list wasn’t taken lightly by Mike Keeton of Sportique Boats. In fact, he had been pestered by some of his customers for several years to do just that but, rather than rush into it, he took his time and carefully considered what has turned out to be a boat that ticks all the boxes, not just for boat anglers but also for divers.
Finnmaster vs Harbour Rat

This month we have an intriguing back-to-back test of two virtually identically sized craft with the same engines, the Finnmaster 4900CLX and Ring Harbour Rat 475. How different could they be? Irving Stewart has been finding out.

The original BF40 and 50 engines, which were based on Honda’s advanced automotive technology, have been around for years. They set the trend for the ‘rounded’ shape subsequently adopted by all manufacturers of four-stroke engines. Remarkably, more than a decade later, these engines were still amongst the lightest four-strokes at their power on the market.

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